Under the Oaks: January 2023

Under the Oaks: January 2023

10 Feb, 2023

When the people of Israel chose political leadership over prophetic leadership, Samuel only knew to do one thing - establish himself as a father in the prophetic. It was a small group of nameless sons, that Samuel fathered, that made the king of Israel fall to the ground and prophesy. Beloved identity is flipping the script on what importance really means and it's allowing us to see that significance in the next generation.


Wilderness Soceity: Under the Oaks - January 31st, 2023 

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Flowing Rivers has been called to bring forth and incorporate the fullness of the kingdom of God. Merging the various streams of God's anointing, the healing heart, the Father's love, the Word of God, the River, and the flow of the Father's healing love. To minister to the people's spirit, bodies, minds, heart and emotions, a full bodied ministry impacting spirit, soul, heart, mind, and body. Bringing life to those dead places in the hearts and spirits of God's people.