Learning To Take A Walk

Learning To Take A Walk

05 Jan, 2023

It has always been the Father's heart to return to simply taking a walk. No other requirement is necessary and no other rule of measurement matters. For Jesus was and is the standard. All He wants from us is one thing... to take a walk!


The Homestead Mobile (ReUnion Youth Gathering) - December 30th, 2022


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Flowing Rivers has been called to bring forth and incorporate the fullness of the kingdom of God. Merging the various streams of God's anointing, the healing heart, the Father's love, the Word of God, the River, and the flow of the Father's healing love. To minister to the people's spirit, bodies, minds, heart and emotions, a full bodied ministry impacting spirit, soul, heart, mind, and body. Bringing life to those dead places in the hearts and spirits of God's people.