Free From Conflicting Natures

Free From Conflicting Natures

20 Dec, 2022

The finished work of Christ deals with any conflicting natures in our hearts. The gospel is not how to keep fighting, it's realizing Jesus has already won. So celebrate today that it was never your job to defeat the Jacob in you, because Jesus defeated the Adam in us all.


The Homestead Mobile - December 9th, 2022

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Flowing Rivers has been called to bring forth and incorporate the fullness of the kingdom of God. Merging the various streams of God's anointing, the healing heart, the Father's love, the Word of God, the River, and the flow of the Father's healing love. To minister to the people's spirit, bodies, minds, heart and emotions, a full bodied ministry impacting spirit, soul, heart, mind, and body. Bringing life to those dead places in the hearts and spirits of God's people.